Stone Pavers

  • Travertine Pavers

    You will find a large range of beautiful travertine pavers and travertine tiles at AllStone. Located in Rozelle, Sydney. Give us a call or visit our showroom. Travertine, a natural stone has been used for thousands of years. Travertine is classified as a sedimentary rock formed in limestone caves and other carbonate-rich areas such as hot springs. Rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate forms the rock and accounts for the characteristic porousness of travertine. Travertine pavers are available in many natural color variations, which blend into the natural environment of garden paths and nature walks. Travertine pavers are less porous than marble or sandstone, and much cooler under the hot sun than granite or bluestone, making it a popular choice for pool-side areas, verandas and patios. Travertine pavers are strong, durable and have less maintenance, making it an ideal material for outdoor paving. At AllStone, you are assured of premium-grade pavers with attractive price tags. Choose from a variety of warm, natural colors to complement your home and landscape.

  • Limestone Pavers

    You will find a large range of beautiful limestone pavers and limestone tiles at AllStone. Located in Rozelle, Sydney. Give us a call or visit our showroom. Limestone pavers are cut from natural limestone blocks, a sedimentary rock, that is found in mountainous areas and in ocean seabeds. Our selected pavers are very strong and durable making them suitable for outdoor use in areas including garden borders, courtyards, pathways, patios, driveways and entertainment areas. In addition, their beautiful and unique colour variation and cooler nature make them very desirable and fine choice for outdoor stone works. At AllStone, we take pride in providing our customers with premium quality limestone pavers with eye-catching prices and exceptional service. We are happy to answer all of your questions and assist you in you choosing the perfect pavers to suit your needs.

  • Marble Pavers

    At AllStone, you will find a large range of beautiful marble pavers and marble tiles. Located in Rozelle, Sydney. Give us a call or visit our showroom. We at AllStone know just what our potential customers are thinking. “Yes, marble pavers are beautiful, but aren’t they a bit too soft for outdoors?” Yes, marble is softer stone in general, but our marble pavers are not only beautiful but durable. That’s because our masons use only the highest quality marble that's perfect for outdoors.Our marble pavers will add elegance to any walkway, patio or pool surround and come in such delectable colors as Grey Mist, Hama Beige, Antique Pacific and our lovely Crema Marfil. If you’re interested in the beauty of marble for your landscape, don’t hesitate to contact us at 02 9810 9009 or come to our showroom in Rozelle.

  • Quartz Pavers

    Here you will find a large range of beautiful quartz pavers and quartz tiles. Located in Rozelle, Sydney. Give us a call or visit our showroom. Crafted by nature over aeons of time, these natural quartzite pavers come in a variety of hues, shapes and textures. Using these stones in their natural shape creates an organic look for patio or garden, while a sleek and uniform look can be achieved using square quartz pavers. Design enchanting pathways in the garden or create a natural, non-slip surface around a pool area. The possibilities are limitless and the durability and beauty of quartzite pavers ensures they will remain beautiful for generations. AllStone is proud to bring you the finest quality quartz pavers for all of your home design needs.

  • Granite Pavers

    We deal with a large range of beautiful granite pavers and granite tiles. Located in Rozelle, Sydney. Give us a call or visit our showroom. Granite pavers are great options for homeowners who want to create an outdoor patio. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors so there is a look suited to every personality. Of course, the overall characteristics and the look of granite is what makes these pavers stand out from the rest. Granite pavers are the strongest and extremely dense which makes them scratch resistant and easy to maintain. So these make excellent options for any part of a home including for outdoor living. With an appealing look, added value, a durable lifespan and easy maintenance, granite pavers are great options for creating a functional and beautiful patio space outdoors or for use in driveways and walkways.

  • Bluestone Pavers

    You will find a large range of beautiful bluestone pavers and bluestone tiles. Located in Rozelle, Sydney. Give us a call or visit our showroom. Durable and attractive, bluestone pavers make any outdoor project come to life. Sometimes called basalt pavers, these strikingly shaded blue blocks are individually hewn from one of nature's most beautiful and weather resistant stones. The use of bluestone pavers from AllStone will ensure that any patio, walk, or pool deck is permanent and beautiful. The most visually appealing trait of natural basalt pavers is a deep and consistent blue color. This hue is present throughout the stone, which gives each paver a naturally varying appearance. The overall effect when these gorgeous pavers are used is that of a sun-dappled pond.

  • Sandstone Pavers

    Our large range includes beautiful sandstone pavers and sandstone tiles. Located in Rozelle, Sydney. Give us a call or visit our showroom. Sandstone pavers, derived from natural stone, are an excellent choice for outdoor use in sidewalks, patios and around pool areas. Their beautiful finish and vibrant natural colors contribute to their refined appearance which will add sophistication to almost any backyard or patio area. Since sandstone pavers are made from naturally created attractive sandstone blocks, they blend in exceptionally well to many different types of landscaping. If you’re looking to add a touch of style and class to your yard using a high-quality, attractive material that will enhance the value of your property, then sandstone pavers are the perfect option for you.

  • Crazy Paving

    Our wide range includes stone pavers and crazy paving made from Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone, Bluestone & Quartz. Rozelle. Sydney. Crazy pavers are an exclusive element featured in some of the most celebrated indoor and outdoor areas of contemporary dwellings. Crazy paving can be found in the form of irregularly connected stones seen in walks, walls and indoor flooring options in some of the most innovative dwellings on the market today. Random pieces in the form of crazy pavers installed in any area of the home create an unsurpassed element of sophistication and elegance without abundant spending. Homeowners are encouraged to contact the trusted professionals at AllStone to learn about the dynamic options available to introduce a modern twist into an aging dwelling to increase market value using intriguing crazy paving.